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Nea Roda 63075, Halkidiki, Greece

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Nea Roda


Nea Roda is a picturesque village situated at the narrowest point of peninsula «Athos». Historical places where Xerxes opened a canal in order to guide his fleet in 481 B.C. At a panoramic location beside the picturesque port of Nea Roda you can find the Hotel «Lazaridis». Self-contained flatlets are available with their own balconies, which have a wonderful view to the «blue» sky and sea near Mount Athos. You can also luxuriate the splendid view of the bright green wood. Your accommodation is comfortable and pleasant as you are offered a great variety of facilities (T.V, telephone, fridge, fully – equipped kitchen and air condition. The cluster of buildings also offers a refreshment room. Along the big coast you can find places of entertainment. The area is full of picturesque bays and beaches where you can go swimming. You can visit the convents of Mount Athos (where entrance is allowed only to men – while the women can admire it from a distance of 500 meters) with the boats that set out daily from Nea Roda and Ouranoupoli. Your gastronomic requirements can be satisfied with the picturesque taverns, restaurants and confectioners. As regards the nightlife Cafes and Bars with different kinds of music can be found along the beach. Your holidays become more carefree by knowing the existence of surgery and chemistry at the village.

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